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Snapshots from our Dialogue Partners in 2022.


We are thrilled to announce that in 2022, we welcomed our 10 millionth visitor since 2000.
We couldn't have achieved this milestone without you; our Dialogue communities.

Our vibrant communities of guides and facilitators work tirelessly to deliver life-changing experiences daily. Our Dialogue Partners build social businesses against all odds. We can rely on Experts to keep our content relevant and our minds fresh, while our supporters watch our backs and help us power through. Even the paper pushers, toiling in front of their screens to keep the machine running, are precious to us as a community.

Thank you.

This year, we've kept our report short and focused on the core of what we've accomplished as a community in 2022. We believe that this report showcases the essence of our achievements and the progress we've made together.

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Small or big, social change happens daily within our communities. That's what makes us proud and gives us the energy to expand our reach.
Here are some chosen stories from 2022:

Foto of the crew of Kuala Lumpur

Read on, for more stories from our Dialogue Partners👇


We make an impact by breaking down barriers and re-thinking social norms in order to drive sustainable change.
In practice, we empower people through transformative learning experiences at our museums and through our corporate training programs.

In 2022 we've strengthened our global footprint:

Map showing 23 Dialogue locations: Monterey, Sao PAulo, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Milan, Vienna, Vilnius, Istanbul, Cairo, Holon, Moscow, Mumbai, Chengdu, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Tapei, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Melbourne

Dialogue Partners are local social entrepreneurs or organizations that operate Dialogue programs globally:

Australia - Melbourne - Dialogue Partner since 2019

Austria - Vienna - Dialogue Partner since 2009

Brazil - Sao Paulo - Dialogue Partner since 2015

China - Hong Kong - Dialogue Partner since 2010

China - Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen - Dialogue Partner since 2010

Egypt - Cairo - Dialogue Partner since 2019

Germany - Frankfurt - Dialogue Partner since 2005

Germany - Hamburg - Dialogue Partner since 2000

India - Mumbai - Dialogue Partner since 2022

Israel - Holon - Dialogue Partner since 2004

Italy - Milan - Dialogue Partner since 2005

Japan - Tokyo Minato-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku - Dialogue Partner since 1999

Lithuania - Vilnius - Dialogue Partner since 2016

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur - Dialogue Partner since 2013

Mexico - Monterrey - Dialogue Partner since 2014

Russia - Moscow - Dialogue Partner since 2020

Singapore - Dialogue Partner since 2009

Singapore (Dialogue with Time) - Dialogue Partner since 2017

South Korea - Seoul - Dialogue Partner since 2010

Taiwan - Tapei - Dialogue Partner since 2011

Turkey - Istanbul - Dialogue Partner since 2013

This year, COVID restrictions still forced us to close down some locations. But we opened back up, step by step:

A graph showing the evolution of number of visitors between 2000 and 2022. The line starts with a few dozen visitors in 2020, rises to almost 900 thousand visitors in 2016 and sharply declines to 250 thousand people during the pandemic. We see a sharp increase at the end of the graph

This year, we safeguarded jobs against all the odds:

A graph showing the downaward trend in number of employees between 2018 and 2022. There is a slow erosion of the number of empleyees, declining smoothly from 900 in 2018 to 600 in 2022

Love numbers? We have them.

We publish an extended benchmarking report for our closest partners. Reach out to get access.


We're a mission-driven organization that has its roots in the creation of Dialogue in the Dark in 1988.

We inspire dialogue that involves everyone and we create a world where inclusion is the driving force for a more equitable society. Every day we work to empower people through transformative learning experiences. We break down barriers and re-think social norms in order to drive sustainable change.

For social entrepreneurs, museums, universities or foundations, we're a social franchiser. We deliver consulting services to help them operate programs of the Dialogue portfolio in their local context. They, the Dialogue Partners, make the magic happen.

For organizations and businesses, we deliver experiential engagement and training programs that help them roll out successful Diversity and Inclusion strategies and build a new generation of inclusive leaders.


Our impact model: creating platforms and jobs to shift perspectives


Visualization of the DSE portfolio

Our portfolio is centered around four main programs:

DIALOGUE IN THE DARK takes the audience out of their familiar environment and places them in the hands of a guide who is blind. Visitors experience these environments and daily routines in new and unfamiliar ways. The exhibition creates a reversal of roles with people who are blind providing visitors with a sense of security and helping them orient in a world without images.

DIALOGUE IN SILENCE follows the same principles. The setting is a sound-proof room in monochromatic white, and visitors wear sound-cancelling headsets. Visitors are instructed before entering the exhibition not to speak but to use only non-verbal communication with the guide who is deaf. People quickly learn to listen with their eyes and express themselves with gestures.

DIALOGUE WITH TIME aims to foster an inter-generational dialogue and to overcome prejudices, wrong assumptions, and stereotypes regarding old age. Guides are age 70 and older, and they lead visitors through the exhibition acting as facilitators with their expertise in aging.

DIALOGUE ONLINE is a series of online experiential learning sessions designed to help organizations and teams build inclusive work cultures that are more creative, resilient and productive. We get people engaged about Diversity and Inclusion, and give them the soft-skills they need to embed inclusion in every thing they do. Sessions are built around the same transformative learning principles as our exhibitions and are mediated by a team of experts with lived experiences of disabilities.


We've asked our CEOs and founders, four direct questions about how we achieve impact, small and large. Here's what they shared with us:

Portrait of Andreas Heinecke
Portrait of Svenja Weber
Portrait of Orna Cohen
Portrait of Mathias Terheggen


A new CEO and new faces (and their accompanying brains and energy) at DSE. COVID restrictions finally out of our way. More and more organizations putting Diversity and Inclusion on top of their agendas. Our network of experts opening up to more diverse life experiences of disabilities. New exhibitions under development. New potential partners we are talking to...

Let's see what 2023 can throw at us. We're ready, because we know you are as well. Some sneak peeks at what's coming:

Foto of the Innoklusio network partners

National model project in Germany.

Innoklusio is a model project in which 14 brave, diverse pilot companies joined forces to create a more inclusive working world. We offer our partners specific building stones on their company sites: In addition to a mobile interactive exhibition on the issues of inclusion and disability, we offer inclusive leadership seminars and an in-depth educational program for inclusion managers.

Major corporations such as Bayer, Generali or Boehringer Ingelheim sit down with mid-tier enterprises such as Hamburg Airport or Deutsche Welle and enter an exchange with organizations of the social sector such as Ashoka. The dialogue that takes place within this platform fertilizes DSE and our partners, and plants a seed of inclusive work in the German economic community.

Poster of the new Dialogue in the Dark exhibition in Rio

Dialogue in the Dark is back.

From April 2023, Dialogue in the Dark is back in Rio de Janeiro!

This is the second location opened by Calina Projetos, the Dialogue Partner in Brazil, within a few months.

This time, they are cooperating with the Museu Histórico Nacional and thanks to a network of strong local partners, the entrance is free!

If you can't make it to Rio, you can still have a look at their website.

Foto of Andreas Heinecke, Svenja Weber and Mathias Terheggen

Change coming up!

That's a big change. Since April 1st 2023, Svenja Weber has taken on the responsibilities and the joys that come with being CEO of our social business. She's adjusting well and can't stop smiling when talking about the great people she meets. Her energy will bring about some interesting change this year.

Logo of Kids im Dialog

Our new exhibition for the next generation of adults.

The development team at DSE has just put the finishing touches on a brand new exhibition targeted at children 4 to 7.

The interactive space is designed to help children build individual and social identities, to stimulate their curiosity towards diversity, to foster empathy and to develop their openness.

Tests are underway in Dialoghaus in Hamburg.

Curious? Let us know.

What are we going to do in 2023, together?

What do you think of our 2022 impact report?

Reach out. Let's talk.